Your direct way into the

digital economy

Digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on is a key fac­tor for the suc­cess of com­pa­nies world­wi­de. We ensu­re that the spe­cial eco­no­mic inte­rests of busi­ness are spe­ci­fi­cal­ly inte­gra­ted into the rese­arch work of Indus­tri­al Date Space. At the same time, we take care that com­pa­nies can access the results of the rese­arch pro­ject about Indus­tri­al Data Space more quick­ly and that they can imple­ment them.

Our objectives at a glance

  • To fos­ter the gene­ral con­di­ti­ons and gover­nan­ce of a refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re for Indus­tri­al Data Space and inter­faces with the aim of achie­ving an inter­na­tio­nal stan­dard
  • To deve­lop and con­ti­nue to work on the stan­dards for Indus­tri­al Data Space based on use cases
  • To sup­port cer­ti­fia­ble soft­ware solu­ti­ons and busi­ness models

Our activities at a glance

  • Sharing expe­ri­ence bet­ween the worlds of busi­ness and sci­ence
  • Infor­ma­ti­on and fur­t­her trai­ning for small and medi­um-sized com­pa­nies
  • Coope­ra­ti­on with rela­ted initia­ti­ves
  • Lob­by­ing at inter­na­tio­nal level


Our mem­bers come from indus­try, ser­vice and tra­de. They cover the most dif­fe­rent indus­tries. Moreo­ver, renow­ned soft­ware com­pa­nies and rese­arch insti­tu­ti­ons word with us.


The Indus­tri­al Data Space Asso­cia­ti­on was foun­ded in Febru­ary 2016. The con­sti­tu­ent mee­ting was held at Fraun­ho­fer Forum in Ber­lin atten­ded by all foun­ding mem­bers and the pre­si­dent of the Fraun­ho­fer-Gesell­schaft Prof. Dr. Rei­mund Neu­ge­bau­er.

Vorstand IDS

Foun­da­ti­on of the Indus­tri­al Data Space e.V. in Ber­lin: (from left to right) Mar­kus Vehlow, PwC; Dr. Ralf-Peter Simon, KOMSA AG; Dr. Robert Bau­er, SICK; Hei­ke Nie­der­au-Buck, Salz­git­ter; Dr. Ralf Brun­ken, Volks­wa­gen; Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Fraun­ho­fer ISST; Prof. Dr. Rei­mund Neu­ge­bau­er, Fraun­ho­fer-Gesell­schaft; Dr. Rein­hold Achatz, thys­sen­krupp; Ulrich Ahle, ATOS. © Foto: Mat­thi­as Heyde/Fraunhofer

Cur­r­ent­ly, nine com­pa­ny rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ves belong to the board.

Chairman of the Board:

Dr. Rein­hold Achatz, thys­sen­krupp AG

Deputy Chairman of the Board:

Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Fraun­ho­fer ISST


Dr. Ralf-Peter Simon, KOMSA AG


Mar­kus Vehlow, PwC AG | Ulrich Ahle, Atos GmbH | Dr. Robert Bau­er, SICK AG

Prof. Dr. Ste­fan Wro­bel, Fraun­ho­fer IAIS | Hei­ke Nie­der­au-Buck, Salz­git­ter AG | Lars Bäu­mann, Volks­wa­gen AG


Our cen­tral office is loca­ted at Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te for Mate­ri­al Flow and Logistics IML in Dort­mund. Here, you will fin­de your con­tact part­ners.

Bild Susanne Immel
  • Mario Holesch
  • Mem­ber Manage­ment


It is our objec­tive to push for­ward the basic con­di­ti­ons of a digi­tal­ly net­wor­ked eco­no­my

- be it indus­try, ser­vice or tra­de.

That is the basis on which we deve­lop the Indus­tri­al Data Space.